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Publisher: Thames & Hudson.

Writer / Editor / Illustrator:Peng & Hu.

ISBN: 978-0500293522

Size 16 x 21 cm, 80 pages.


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Hirameki: Clouds


Every sky’s an inspiration,
Every cloud floats free,
Unlock your imagination,
Draw what you see!

The artists Peng and Hu first discovered the fantastical phenomenon of Hirameki when they saw a cow with a splotch that looked just like a famous filmstar. They quickly realized that even the tiniest blot could be easily turned into something amazing. Hirameki has become a fabulous art form for everybody: even the most inexperienced doodlers can produce hundreds of sensational scribbles. Peng and Hu’s passion for collecting blots and dots of all kinds has taken over their lives!


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