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The artworks may act in themselves as invitations to negotiations, opening up a space of uncertainty within otherwise sealed situations and scenarios.

Artworks can tap into processes in which relations are mediated and capitalized on, both in communities online as well as in the workplace. They can lay bare how the spaces where codes of conduct are as yet-undefined, reproduce and nurture repressive and regressive patterns of behavior.


Publisher: Garret Publications.

Editor: Kati Kivinen.

Writers: Taru Elfving, Giovanna Esposito Yussif, Leevi Haapala, Kati Kivinen, Nina Power ja Pilvi Takala.

ISBN: 9789527222089

Size 17 x 22 cm, 184 pages.


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Pilvi Takala – Second Shift / Toinen vuoro


Exhibition catalogue: Pilvi Takala – Second Shift, Kiasma 24.8.2018 – 17.2.2019.

Language Finnish and English.


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