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Elina Brotherus’ (b. 1972 in Helsinki) photographic practice is based on making visual discoveries. When she finds a place that pleases her, she starts to play with the human figure, trying to incorporate it in the image in an intriguing way. Brotherus has a habit of using art history, and in Sørlandets Kunstmuseum’s collection she found entry points for this new body of work: some pieces are based on 19th century Romantic paintings, yet others on performative scores, i.e. by Yoko Ono, Geoffrey Hendricks, VALIE EXPORT, John Baldessari, or the Norwegian performance artist Kurt Johannesen. Seabound is her eleventh monograph.


Publisher: Kehrer, 2021.

Pictures and texts: Elina Brotherus.

ISBN 978-3-96900-033-5 2021

Size of cloth hardcover in slip case 22,5 x 28,5 cm, 120 pages.




Sørlandet, »the Southland«, is the southernmost tip of Norway. Some call it the »Norwegian Riviera«. Going north, the rocky archipelago soon gives way to granitic mountains and mountain valleys. Yet, the sea is never far – Norway has the longest coastline in Europe.

Language English.


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