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By exploring a choreography of borders in which hip-hop culture, colonial tales, native practices and mysticism intertwine, Amanda Piña also reminds us that the border is not only a place but is also inscribed in the bodies, contributing to their process of racialization. Thus the bodies themselves carry these frontiers with them – some more than others. 

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, no intermission

The ticket includes the admission to the museum on the day of the event.

THEATRE: Amanda Piña: Frontera I Border – A Living Monument, several performance dates

Frontera I Border – a Living Monument by the Mexican-Chilean choreographer Amanda Piña has its roots in a dance that emerged from the neighborhood of El Ejido Veinte of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on the border between Mexico and the United States, and is performed by young people at risk from the extremely violent environment associated with this liminal space, a place where drug trafficking, militarization and an industry around cheap labor prosper.  

The dance that inspired Amanda Piña was originally devised by the Spanish and depicts the Christian victory over the Moors. During Latin America’s colonization it became a racist propaganda tool. The difference between white and non-white was then exported, with indigenous poeple forced to personify the “Moor” and the Christian representing Spain. The dance continued to evolve and became seen as a form of resistance to colonial and, later, neoliberal forces.  

Discounted tickets (16 € / ticket)  are for students, pensioners, conscripts, non-military servicemen and dance- and/or theatre professionals. Add coupon FRONTERAALE in the cart to get the discount.

Tickets can’t be refunded.