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Duration: 45 min.
Language: English 

Body/Space/Resonance is a series of scores that invites participants to re-imagine ways of experiencing the public space, based on Anna Olkinuora’s ongoing artistic research into personal experiences of public spaces. Using the simple act of walking as an act of ritual and performance, the workshop introduces simple tasks that explore the built environments of Helsinki through movement. What does the body feel like coming out of a time of social distancing, deprived of touch? How will the body experience change during walks? How does the body relate to its surroundings and other bodies in it? Will the surrounding architecture make the body feel welcome? Will the city take care of it? Or is it necessary to constantly negotiate one’s own agency? 

Friday’s workshop introduces this practice in a 45 minute session. All work takes place outside in public places, so please dress accordingly. If the weather is bad, the workshop will be moved indoors. 

UrbanApa X Ateneum: WORKSHOP: Body/Space/Resonance – A Performance Score Playbook Friday 29.10. at 9 AM

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Anna Olkinuora is a performance artist and theatre maker with a heavy emphasis on movement and interdisciplinary practices. Embodied knowledge, investigating the spatial relationship of bodies, and body as a site of an autobiographical performance are strong themes in Anna’s work, and she values inclusivity and non-hierarchical workspaces. In addition to performing, Anna has been facilitating workshops and training performers since 2010. 


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