Livio Ceschin - Traces of the Past



Livio Ceschin - Traces of the Past, Sinebrychoff Art Museum 8.10.2015 – 31.1.2016.

Language Finnish, Swedish and English.

Italian Livio Ceschin (b. 1962) preserves in many ways the tradition of Italian and European printmaking in his work. In their technical sophistication and tonal richness, Ceschin’s prints represent the apex of contemporary Italian printmaking. He began making prints by studying the work of the great masters. His first two etchings from 1991 are both entitled Omaggio a Canaletto (Homage to Canaletto). Some other early works are his interpretations of prints by Rembrandt and Gianbattista Tiepolo. \n \nOne of the main characteristics of Ceschin’s work is the aim of showing time and its passage. The texts establish a link to history and the past. The passage of time is also associated with memory. It is the subtle, nuanced rendering of memory and old thoughts that give many of Ceschin’s works their quiet, melancholy atmosphere. Silence is an important element.

Publisher: Finnish National Gallery / Sinebrychoff Art Museum, 2015.

Editors: Erkki Anttonen and Salla Heino.

ISBN: 9789527067222

Size 15 x 21 cm, 47 pages.


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