Jarmo Mäkilä - Matrix Hardcore

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Jarmo Mäkilä – Matrix Hardcore, Sinebrychoff Art Museum 9.12.2021–24.4.2022.

Languange Finnish, English and Russian.

Jarmo Mäkilä describes his works as landscapes of the mind. Even if stylistically they represent realism and they are by any measure figurative, their starting points exist only partly in visible reality. During the long process of sketching and making, their creator´s personal memories and experiences, along with extracts from film, litterature, art history and everyday news stream, are mingled with their motifs. Besides this eclectic mix these works have a clearly distinguishable, yet hard-to-define quality, for which Sigmund Freud used the word Unheimlich, "uncanny" or "disturbing".

Publisher: Kustannus Itikka, 2022.

Texts: Timo Valjakka.

ISBN 9789529457434

Size 21 x 26 cm, 96 pages.


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