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Writers offer viewpoints and backgrounds to the themes of the Kiasma exhibition, but artists also have they say. In three interviews, artists of different generations discuss their relationship to the image and it`s absence. The catalogue examines the relationship between image and word, pictorial syntax, the serial approach as a method in art, problematic boundary between image and it`s absence. What can still be a picture today?


Publisher: A Museum of Contemporary Art Publication 109/2008.

Editor: Eija Aarnio.

Writers:  Inkamaija Iitiä, Leevi Haapala and Marja Sakari.

ISBN 978-951-53-3021-5

Size 21,5 x 21,5 cm, 143 pages.


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Image and after / Kuvan jälkeen


The image – or it`s abcence – has been a central issue in visual art from modernism to contemporary art.

Image and After collection exhibition, Kiasma 11.1.2008-11.1.2009.

Language Finnish and English.


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