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Kiasma’s collection includes a considerable number of important works of American art from recent decades. One artist of the Kouri collection is Julian Schnabel. In many ways this is an opportunity to see a great artist who has never apologised for his art. And why should he?


Publisher: A Museum of Contemporary Art Publication 110/2008.

Editors: Satu Metsola, Marja Sakari.

Writers: Berndt Arell, Marja Sakari, David Salle, Ingrid Pfeiffer.

ISBN 978-951-53-3041-3

Size 24 x 29 cm, 118 pages.


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Julian Schnabel


The exhibition catalogue presents Julian Schnabel`s (USA) works. Schnabel`s works contains equally many references to popular  imagery as to art history.

Julian Schnabel: The Conscious Gaze of Frightened Young Nuns, Kiasma 8.3. – 13.4. 2008.

Language Finnish and English.


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