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Peter Liversidge made proposals for Kiasma with typewriter in Autumn 2011.

Here is one of them: “I propose to use Uimastadion, the largest outdoor swimming pool in Helsinki, to store herring and potatoes. This will be a reinactment of the pool’s use in the years immediately after the second world war.”

“Proposals” is a part of Kiasma´s co-operation project with Artsadminin (UK) and Santarcangelo 12 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazzan (IT).


Publisher:  Museum of Contemporary Art Publication 135/2012.

Writer: Peter Liversidge.

ISBN: 978-951-53-3411-4

Size 21 x 17 cm, 86 pages.


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Proposals for Kiasma


British artist Peter Liversidge has written proposals for many years to the different organizations all over the world, for example Miami and Barcelona.

Language English.


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