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Magnus, Wilhelm and Ferdinand von Wright are best known for their paintings of birds, but the brothers also had divergent artistic and scientific careers. They lived and travelled in various parts of Finland and Sweden, including Haminalahti near Kuopio, Helsinki, Stockholm and Orust island in western Sweden. Magnus and Ferdinand also made short study trips to Germany. Besides bird paintings, their work includes portraits, landscapes and scientific illustrations of plants, butterflies, fish and other animals.

This lavishly-illustrated exhibition catalogue features entirely new research and perspectives. The book presents a wide-ranging view of the brothers’ art and careers from the standpoints of travel, scientific illustration, scientific history, art conservation and accounts of how their works were acquired.


Publisher: Finnish National Gallery, Ateneum Art Museum, 2017.

Editor: Erkki Anttonen & Anne-Maria Pennonen.

Writers:  FM Anne-Maria Pennonen, FT Erkki Anttonen, FT Julia Donner, FT Allan Tiitta, Professori Anto Leikola, Dos. Juhani Lokki, Dos. Torsten Stjernberg, museonjohtaja FT Susanna Pettersson, konservaattorit Kirsi Hiltunen, Katariina Johde, Hanne Mannerheimo, Seppo Hornytzkyj, FT Hanna-Leena Paloposki, FM Helena Hätönen.

ISBN: 978-952-7067-56-7

Size 21 x 27 cm, 208 pages.


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The Brothers von Wright -Art, Science and Life


Exhibition catalogue: Brothers von Wright, Ateneum 27.10.2017 – 25.2.2018.

Language English.


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