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Following on from the crushing technoid scapes of ’Kilo’ under his own name and the blackened alloys of his ÄÄNIPÄÄ album with Stephen O’Malley, ’Konstellaatio’ reveals the revered producer at his most sensitive, teetering on the brink of the abyss and projecting to the stars. Between the goosebump-inducing panoramic pads of opener ’Otava’ and the twinkling electro-dub of closer ’Takaisin’ we’re made privy to some of the strongest material in his whole oeuvre, and we really don’t say that lightly.

His tactile manipulation of bass and sub-bass dynamics and spacious application of pure, isolated frequencies is just mindblowing, evoking imagery on sub-atomic scales. Far from being an academic exercise in production, there’s an awe-inspiring and compelling sense of pathos and wonder at its core owing as much to the grandeur of Beethoven as it does the diffuse sound sculptures of Parmegiani.

It’s pointless listening to this material on shit speakers because you’re gonna miss half of it’s extreme subtleties, but for those who know and care about this music, prepare to bunker down with one of Vainio’s finest.

Julkaistu 13.1.2014.

Julkaisija Sähkö Recordings.

Konstellaatio CD

Reissue of Mika Vainio’s final album under the Ø moniker.


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