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Magnus Enckell is a central figure in Finnish art history. He is particularly known as a leader of Finnish symbolism in the 1890s. Later he changed his style of expression, becoming a trailblazer in Neo-Impressionism, bathed in colour and light.

Enckell was a reformer while at the same time upholding European classical traditions. He was an influential figure in the Finnish art scene, serving as an exhibition commissioner and as chair of the Artists’ Association of Finland. Music, theatre and literature were all important to this broadly cultivated artist.

The exhibition features works from five decades from early student works through the mythological motifs of the 1920s.


Kustantaja: Kansallisgalleria, Ateneumin taidemuseo, 2020.

ISBN: 978-952-7371-24-4

Koko 16,5 x 16,5 cm, 34 sivua.


Magnus Enckell -gallery guide

Opas Ateneumin Magnus Enckell –näyttelyyn 23.10.2020–14.2.2021.

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