A Question of Time

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New collection book of Ateneum.

Language English.

A Question of Time is the new collection display at the Ateneum Art Museum. By taking a contemporary look at the Finnish National Gallery collection, which goes back more than two centuries, we are compelled to discuss the pressing questions of our time. Each of the essays in this richly illustrated volume examines the present moment in the light of one of the main themes of the exhibition. Art and Power explores the question of who chooses the paintings we get to see in a museum. The Age of Nature discusses humanity’s place in nature from the perspectives of posthumanism, biodiversity loss and climate change. Images of a People unpacks the construction of national identity in the visual arts and asks who is included or excluded from images of Finnishness. The Many Faces of Modernity explores the background of modernist art as well as the modern age and all its contradictions. Drawing on materials in the archive collections of the Finnish National Gallery, From Artist Letters to the History of the Art Collection focuses on the backgrounds of the artworks and the collection.

Publisher: Finnish National Gallery, Ateneum Art Museum, 2023.

Writers: Timo Huusko, Mariia Niskavaara, Hanna-Leena Paloposki, Marja Sakari, Hanne Selkokari & Anu Utriainen.

ISBN 9789527371572

Size 16,5 x 23,5 cm, 128 pages.


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