Co-Existence - Human, Animal and Nature in Kiasma's Collections

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Co-Existence - Human, Animal and Nature in Kiasma's Collections, Kiasma 26.4.2019 - 1.3.2020.

Language Finnish and English.

The Co-Existence exhibition catalogue looks at the relationship between humans and the environment. How is nature presented in contemporary art? And how are humans interpreted as relating to other species? Environmental issues, ecology, and human coexistence with other organisms are topics of long-standing interest in art, but in the 2000s these themes have come into sharper focus. The exhibition also visits the world of sacred rituals, reflecting on how humans could deepen their bond with the nonhuman world. While contemplating the theme of neo-spirituality, the exhibition poses questions about the limits of human knowledge and imagination.

Publisher: Finnish National Gallery / Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, 2019.

Editors: Saara Hacklin and Satu Oksanen.

Writers: Leevi Haapala, Saara Hacklin, Jenna Jauhiainen, Sanna Karhu, Kati Kivinen, Satu Oksanen.

ISBN: 978-952-7067-78-9

Size 21,5 x 21,5 cm, 156 pages.


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