Fabriano watercolor paper A6

12,00 €

Sending unique postcards is now easier than ever: simply draw or paint your desired image on Fabriano's Postcard watercolor paper, and write the recipient's name in the pre-printed field on the back of the sheet. Don't forget the stamp!

The watercolor paper is made from a valuable blend of lignin-free cotton and cellulose, allowing the recipient to frame the artwork if desired. The cellulose is sourced from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. It does not contain any animal-based glues or materials.

Acid-free, it withstands the test of time. Both mass and surface glued for optimal absorbency.

Suitable for watercolor, tempera, gouache, ink, and acrylic paints, as well as drawing.

Glued on one side.

Natural white.
Weight 300 g/m².
Sheet size 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm (A6).
Material 25% cotton.
Semi-rough surface structure.

Every purchase supports the Finnish National Gallery