Heli Rekula

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HELI REKULA: DESERT - works from 1989-2004, Kiasma 5.2. – 24.4. 2005.

The photographs and video art of Heli Rekula, are characterised by how their surface, the first contact for the eyes, is easy to approach even if the themes themselves are challenging. The rich colour illustrations present a cross-section of Rekula´s art to date. \n \nLanguage Finnish and English. \n \n  The authors of this book offer a broad perspective of views for interpreting Heli Rekula´s (born 1963) art. Arja Elovirta considers the themes of identity on the borderlands between the private and the public. She also connects Rekula s themes to the broader context of art history. Maria Hirvi explores the works from the perspective of the photographic look and gesture intertwined between the viewer and the artist. Jarmo Valkola writes about the aesthetics of Rekula s art, especially her video art, and the dimensions that create content by means of presentation. The artist herself explains the backgrounds and references for her works in an interview with Kati Kivinen. The rich colour illustrations present a cross-section of Rekula s art to date.

Publisher: Nykytaiteen museon julkaisuja 97/2004.

Editor: Patrik Nyberg.

Writers: Heleena Savela, Tuula Karjalainen, Kati Kivinen, Maria Hirvi, Arja Elovirta, Jarmo Valkola.

ISBN 951-53-2673-7

Size 29 x 23 cm, 152 pages.


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