Rembrandt Aquarell water-soluble colored pencils (12 pcs)

23,00 €

Rembrandt Aquarell is a high-quality water-soluble colored pencil with intense pigmentation. It offers bright and vibrant colors with a high lightfastness rating. These pencils are suitable for professional artists and illustrators as well. The durable, break-resistant lead ensures longevity.

Rembrandt Aquarell colored pencils can be used wet or dry on wet or dry paper. Colors can be mixed together, and opaque colors can be blended with water to create watercolor-like, nearly translucent surfaces due to their fine-particle pigment.

The hexagonal barrel is made from cedar wood, with each pencil indicating its color name and number. The pencils are crafted using PEFC-certified wood, ensuring that the wood material comes from responsibly managed forests. The PEFC certification guarantees that the wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The set includes 12 colors.
Pencil length 17.5 cm.
Size of package 10,5 x 16 cm.

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