The Garden of Death band-aid for clothes

16,90 €


FabPatch - band-aid for clothes - is a repair innovation for textiles. It makes it super easy to patch holes, cover stains and decorate clothing and accessories!

FabPatch attaches to clothes and gear anywhere, anytime, by anyone - just press on and rub for one minute. The patches are suitable to most textiles but also adhere to leather and plastic.

The act of patching is an act for greener future. We thrive for the most sustainable options as it comes to the materials, practices and other decitions we make as a company. For example the FabPatch products are made in Finland and packed in a reusable, sugarcane based bag.

Package contains three patches suitable for indoor and outdoor textiles and clothing.
Made of elastic polyester (from 100% recycled plastic bottles).
Fastener contains no solvents (vegan, not tested with animals).
Package made of Ecolabel carton and sugarcane based plastic.
Made in Finland.


Hugo Simberg: The Garden of Death, 1896.
Ateneum Art Museum.

Every purchase supports the Finnish National Gallery