Tracking Traces... / Oikeilla jäljillä...

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The theme of the exhibition was Cultural traces. These traces can be found near and far: everywhere from the human body to a commercial catalogue and urban space. \n \nTracking traces… collection exhibition, Kiasma 27.3. 2009 – 14.2. 2010.

Language Finnish and English.

The theme of the Tracing Traces... collection exhibition was cultural traces. The traces tell about life and need to communicate. The traces can be found near and far. The traces can be consciously or accidentally created signs and imprints, which we daily leave, feel and produce. The works in the exhibition show how the traces edit and construct an image of us and the world we live in. Exhibition consists of three sub themes: smudge, bar code and imprint.

Publisher: A Museum of Contemporary Art Publications 119/2009.

Editors: Leevi Haapala, Pirkko Siitari. \n \nWriters: Bernt Arell, Eija Aarnio, Leevi Haapala, Pirkko Siitari, Max Ryynänen.

ISBN 978-951-53-3163-2

Size: 21,5 x 21,5 cm, 131 pages.


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