Liisa Lounila - Selected Works

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Teoksessa on esitelty Liisa Lounilan teoksia.

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Liisa Lounila established herself as an artist on the international scene at the beginning of the new millennium, with groundbreaking works such as Popcorn (2001) and several other video pieces which followed - such as Flirt (2001) and Play>> (2003) - a type of video art characterized by the use of icons of clubbing and partying, through which she managed to imbue a three-dimensional photographic images. This technique was to make the images appear as if frozen in time, in contrast to the movements of the scenes depicted and capturing them in an atmosphere of radical non-temporality. Gestures and actions were sublimated by Lounila into a nocturnal atmosphere, marked by moments of slowing down and imperfection. Popcorn advocated a do-it-yourself aesthetic, halfway between sophisticated technology and home-made editing.

Kustantaja: Galleria Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary, 2012.

Toimittaja: Leevi Haapala.

ISBN: 978-952-67020-5-6

Koko 23,5 x 17,5 cm, 80 sivua.


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